Wachizungu Trip 2015 – Maun to Khwai / Moremi 12th to 17th April


Arrived at Maun but the Landy is playing up – starting problems! Found an auto mechanic, had the starter overhauled and back to Okavango River Lodge for a couple of nights before setting off for Khwai / Moremi.

We were told the road was fine – yeh right! After 120kms the road becomes a lake – about 40m across. There were two options – to wade in and test the depth or go back. With hippos around and no shortage of crocs I closed my eyes and went for option 1. At the half way stage a vehicle showed up and informed us of a detour just 2km back. Hallelujah!

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Not a great start, first off Khwai is full of water and mud and it doesn’t take me long to to get stuck. Up to 3 1/2 foot in mud, took me 2 hours to dig free with the aid of sand tracks. On returning to camp we find the baboons have wrecked the tent, they’ve slashed it and broken the frame in 3 places for good measure! Next I pull off in the Landy – attached to the guy rope. If that’s not enough, I then find the only zoom lens I have is completely stuffed………always comes in 3’s or 4’s!

At least the next day we meet a lovely couple from England, Mike & Harriett to drown our sorrows with! Didn’t get to see too much game around the north side of the river by North Gate but there had been a fight between 2 lions. The one lion was dead and being fed on by the victor – yuk, quite ghastly. I was really surprised to see cannibalism in lions, he was hardly starving!

Next day was spent in the area of Khwai River Lodge. We get lucky with sightings – a beautiful herd of elephant crossing the river in front of us, a great sighting of wild dog, followed by leopard. I made the fatal mistake of staying too long with the leopard! It was starting to get dark and we had a considerable distance to cover to reach home. The GPS sent us to an impassable road, by this time it was dark and we got horribly lost trying to find another way out of the reserve. The GPS was a curse, we got stuck in mud again (in the dark) and only managed to find a way out after about 2 hours of going round in circles – quite scary!

Well we did come looking for adventure. I would have liked to have stayed a few more days as this is such a wonderful and exciting place to be but we need to push on back to Maun to meet John & Di before heading out to the Okavango Delta.

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  1. Gee Charlie….sounds like you have been in the wars. I had a little giggle you taking off with the tent attached to the Landie 🙂 Yep GPS directions can be misleading even in rural England. Takes you via routes you don’t really want to go. In the bush Hmmmm Yep scare factor high. But you not ready yet for your slippers and pipe!


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