Wachizungu Trip 2015


We’re off!  When you see this, I have posted a Blog. Bad news is…….there will be more, good news is………I’m far away!

If you think Blogs are for tech nerds, train spotters, stamp collectors and anoraks………….well you’re probably right! Just pretend you don’t know me 🙂

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  1. Hi Charlie, not sure which way you are going to Namibia via Botswana but if you go Nata to Maun watch out for the potholes around Nxai/Makgadikgadi Pans parks area. Have a great trip, pouring down in Kasane today, making up for lack of rains in Botswana!


    • Ralph, we are heading to pan handle and then making our way into Namibia via Dobe border post – not heard good things about it?! We plan to stay at Nyae Nyae (provided we get the local Cheif’s nod!). After that, Etosha, Kunene, Van Zyl’s, Epupa, Puros, Palweg etc etc……………..any tips warmly received 🙂


  2. Hi there Charlie & Emma

    I thought you were leaving on 6th April…..?? If not…..travel safe If you’ve already left…….still travel safe Thinking of you Lol Peta

    shaifer@iburst.co.za 083 4560262



  3. Hi Charlie and Emma,
    Great to hear you are on your way. Have a wonderful time. Not sure if we ever told you the name of the company Pete is working for. It’s Wildlife Act. This may help you find him if you have a chance to visit him.
    Safe travels. Look forward to your news
    Chris and Auriel


  4. Hi Charlie & Emma…….haven’t heard from you for over a month so just wondering where you are & what you are doing….
    Hope you having a good time……
    Let me know
    Thinking of you
    Hope this reaches you
    Lots of love


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